Download Simulator is a incremental game about downloading files, upgrading your internet speed and watching green progress bars.

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Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withGodot
TagsEndless, Idle, incremental, Internet, Relaxing, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, user-interface
Average sessionA few seconds


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Great game if you're into idle upgrades and prestige type games. I have just played it solidly for two days and it finally crashed once I had taken it as far as it could go, pretty much.

The only problem I have with the game is that I would like to be able to lock certain hacking skills so that I cannot buy them, or to be able to turn them off if I do buy them by accident.

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This is an awesome game:) I love downloading trivial stuff!

its a great game, i played it for 3 days 

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What effect does mastering a building have?

EDIT: Seems to make sure the building is unlocked from the beginning after you reboot, but I'm not sure.


It unlocks autobuy for that building, making reboots easier.

There must be something wrong with itchio's notifications because I had no idea you replied until I randomly scrolled into the comments to see if anyone had made similar inquiries. Thanks for the answer.

It just says "null function or function signature mismatch" when I try to run it.

There are many reasons that could be causing this. Have you tried another browser? Windows version is also a good option.

wish there was a option to make it so you could respec all the reboot points like the respec hacking sills thing 

also with the whole increase hacking speed by 10% stuff it dosent seem to make the hacking wait time to go faster mabey im just dumb but im a bit confused

10% is barely noticeable for sure, but I can guarantee it works. Btw the cooldown time is only calculated when entering cooldown, if you buy a cooldown reduction upgrade during a cooldown it won't speed up.

ah ok also the whole reboot thing with the increase from 1 terabytes to like 500 is absurd

Fun game but it starts to lag pretty quickly, even on PC.  I was enjoying it but now it is unplayable, also happens on Android. 

Here is a video of less then two minutes of game play after a reboot:

It does get pretty laggy at endgame. My best advice is to keep Processing Power buildings low, this way you will never have lag.

Is there a way to turn off auto upgrades on processing power?

As of now, no. I will find a workaround for the lag issue and upload it soon.

there is a bug when buying upgrades the popup that holds the description doesn’t disappear 

I will look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

I get random extreme bursts of lag while playing, is there any way to stop them?

You should try Windows version for best performance. Web is known for having less performance boost.

okay thanks!

What are the cheat codes?


There are no cheat codes

hey just a question are there any like cheat codes or something?


There aren't. In earlier versions you could edit the save data, but that was patched.


Yo Todd, when i click the play game button, it says that "WebGL is not available". and is not letting me play. Could i know how to fix that?

Oop, got it working. dunno how but okay.

Sorry for taking too long. Usually this happens due to some settings on chrome or firefox, or even even when the browser doesn't support webgl.

It's alright, And also thanks for letting me know. I guess my computer was having a stroke, Lol.

google crome has a thing called flags and it will block webgl sometimes

Can you maybe put this on Google play? It would be nice to play on my phone

I mean, I can here, but the res is terrible

I will release on Google play on next update hopefully


can you let me know WHEN the game is on Google play?


Sorry for the wait. Google Store finally approved my game, and you can now play it in here


So, you posted to Google play on the 2nd of Jan, and already have 100+ downloads?! That's crazy!


My save got deleted, wow nice game

and copy to clipboard doesn't work either

I'm still trying to fix this. Looks like the game has a clipboard of its own when playing on Windows version works perfectly.

I'm really sorry for that. It's an early access game, and some mechanics might change so much that it's impossible to keep old saves.

Hey love the game just when i try to export my save code it says its copied to clipboard but when i check its not in there is there a way you could make the code appear in the import/export box instead of copying it


Really glad you liked it. For some reason the export feature refuses to work on itch, it has some sort of internal clipboard that only works inside the game. Meanwhile executable versions works perfectly. I'm trying to find a workaround for this.

i see update me when you do thanks

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The update is great, but is there any way to play the old version?

Glad you enjoyed it!
I have it saved here:

Loving the game :) Great work!

I'd like to have an option not to show the credit gains.


Thank you very much!
There's already a feature in the settings that hide credit popups.

this game rocks

Really happy you enjoyed it!

I had a reboot available for 10M points. Cliked rebooot, rebooted but got 0 points out of it

Restarting fixed it and updated the correct ammount

super fun

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The game's inability to idle when it's not the tab in focus is a strong deterrent from long term play.  Closing completely and reopening later lets the credits accumulate but not he download count for reboots.

Still one of the better idle games I've played. Played hundreds of them. Probably top 10% here.


Really happy to hear that. I'll see if I can find a workaround for this. Thanks for your feedback!


LOVE IT, my only complaint is the game stops running when not on the main screen, would be nice to have it run in background

Fun game! Also very addictive...

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You can reboot after getting 2k available points. I should make this clear somewhere.

web ui heavily lags at ~268kb/s

Godot performance on html is not the best, even tho I tried my best to make the code clean. The executable version always runs more smoothly.

Not for everyone at that value.  Playing for first time today and everything is fine.

I kinda don't get why I should upgrade Processing power, if it just divides the download speed between the downloading files equally. The credits/sec don't actually increase unless i'm missing something.


It doesn't actually, we can't really say it's a simulator because of that. I had to make the decision of not splitting download speed to allow me to make more interesting mechanics.


The scaling of file size makes progression feel bland,  EX: "You might get a new processor but the speed overall doesn't increase much" Requiring you to wait for download speed buffs to further the game, This mechanic feels like an escape from actually designing more content, I'd rather see more unique upgrades rather than relying on a 10x boost to make any progress.  

:Add more unique upgrades/mechanics Rather than boosts, The game has an interesting concept in itself... with more polish this game can definitely flourish.


Thanks very much for leaving your suggestion! Adjusting file size was a hard decision to make when designing the game. But I do have a incoming update that should fix this issue.

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we all love green progress bars!

We loove progress bars BatChest